Quesadillas with Lentil Dal, Mozzarella, Paprika-Cilantro Chutney, and Lime Sour Cream.

Schmucks Chicken Ginger Curry

Apricot Date Bulgur Salad.

Iberico Tomato Ragout with Pimientos de PadrĂ³n, Marinated Manchego, and Sage Dumplings

Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Apricot Compote and Strawberry Mousse

Schmuck's Bosna with Sucuk, Arabic Sauerkraut, Mint Tabouleh, Red Onion, and Sumac Mayo

World's Best Meatballs with Potato Cucumber Salad and Homemade Dijon Mustard Mayo.

Braised Veal Cheeks in Tomato-Rosemary Ragout with Wild Garlic Polenta and Zucchini Salad