Menu /

Here's a light, spring-inspired meat and fish menu. With veal tartare, scallops, venison as the main course, and rhubarb for dessert. I'm sure you'll love this combination :)

Menu // Vegetarian

In my vegetarian menu, you'll start with a snack of pumpkin-filled gyoza, followed by a grilled asparagus salad. For the main course, we have wild garlic dumplings. Finish off with grilled pineapple with coconut espuma and lime sorbet for dessert. Check out this menu, it's super refreshing, diverse, and altogether an exciting experience!

Menu ///

Menu 3 is a combination of my recent travels in South America and Asia. It features a Colombian chicken stew and a Balinese pomelo shrimp salad. Then, enjoy a juicy lamb shank with Arabian spices for the main course :) One of my favorite menus!!

Menu //// Vegan 

Since I have a great passion for vegan cuisine and love both cooking and eating it myself, I've crafted an exciting and diverse vegan menu that promises to delight every vegan palate! Start with beetroot tartare, enjoy a carrot and vanilla soup as the intermediate course, savor braised eggplant for the main course, and indulge in a vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter ice cream for dessert. You're going to love it!